Trex 600E Pro DFC with Pixhack

Any ideas or where to start? I purchased the heli now for the electronics. Any ideas would be great. Looking for info as to what is needed and wire diagrams. Thanks again so very much. I have seemed to taken a bigger bite than I thought.
I will be using a Canon s110 Camera with a trigger cable and few other options. I hope to provide mapping ability. I will be looking for a flight time of say 12 min? The heli is the stock kit and electronics from Align with no 3gx.

Thanks again for any advice and guidance.

~Running Lost

Sorry if I sound crazy but did you read the manual? … licopters/

I think Robert did a really good job going through the details. You can also go through all the quad stuff to get a better understanding on how it everything works.

You should look at using a power distribution board so you don’t draw to many amps with the servos.

With the right battery setup you should be able to get almost 30 minutes on a Trex-600. I built a Trex 500 and stretched it to a 700 size using (2) 7800 MAh 7s batteries and saw 30 minute flight times.

What kind of mapping are you doing? Are you just doing simple pictures or are you going to be surveying? By surveying I’m meaning metes & Bounds/boundary creation.

Thanks for the link… I found it just as soon as I posted the message. Figures.
As to the Mapping.
I,we use pix4D and a few custom software packages. We currently use fixed wing rc aircraft and a few multi rotors for these surveys. Never done anything with the Pixhawk or Pixhack.

The Dji Ace One Waypoints is just to out of budget when you have Pixhawk/hack that can do so much more. A mortgage is not needed either.

Now study time. May the oil burn all day and night so as I may learn the ways of the Pixhawk. The wiki is great. thanks again.