TREX 500 - Throttle Issue

I finally got back to working on my 500 today, have installed and setup AC 3.3.3 on it, but when testing motor arming, it throttled up very high right after arming, I wasn’t expecting this at all and trashed the main rotor blades. I haven’t flown this bird for about 4yrs, I know the software is completely different now, but is there a govenor mode or something related to throttle set as a default now? It seemed like it was at 75% throttle or so even without lifting the throttle at all. Before testing, I did the normal radio calibration and my throttle channel is not reversed.

And your ESC is connected to ch8?
And H_RSC_MODE = 1?
And THR channel in Tx is not reversed?
Check out
in particular:
= 0 no longer valid
AC3.2, it was possible to set H_RSC_MODE to 0, and have the ESC
plugged directly into the RC Receiver, bypassing autopilot control
of the ESC. It has become increasing difficult to maintain
the code for this setup. And since this setup results in a
potentially unsafe operation, it is no longer allowed. You
must route the ESC signal through the Flight Control unit. Setting
H_RSC_MODE = 1 = Ch8 Passthrough should offer similar operation as bypass, with added safety of system arming/disarming."

When you armed it seems PIXHAWK saw max PWM on ch8?