Transporting Iris

I have an iris and have for some time.

I bought the travel hard case and use it often.

But sometimes (biking, backcountry skiing), I would like a lighter, more portable way to carry iris.

I have see a phantom backpack, both commercial and homemade:

Has anyone tried playing around with carrying the iris (or iris+) in or on a backpack before?

I have a couple of thoughts on how to do so, but the gimbal is what I am most worried about.

Anyone tried transporting it in any way beside the large hard case?



I would love to see something like this for the Iris.

I was thinking something like this: … ck-50.html


Well, some lazy day poking around found two possible candidates: … k-690.html


dimensionaly, the iris will fit inside without props, but with the gimbal attached…but much more expensive than the 511 tactical

I actually got the LowePro as it had enough space for my Y6 with the props on when folded, but my Iris fits if you remove the props.
Expensive, but at least I can carry the Y6 now.
I have the Iris hard case, but it’s huge and very heavy, even when empty, so no good for carrying over the moor…