Transferring settings to a new Cube

I need to replace a Black Cube on one of my drones and ask if there any traps if the parameter file from the old cube is loaded onto the new cube?

So far, I have I reinstalled the latest firmware and copied the parameters across and it looks to be OK? Other than checking everything I would expect an accelerometer, compass and radio calibration would need to be done? If it flies, then do an autotune.

Any help with this would be appreciated!

Yup…that’s all you have to do. Calibration is all you need.

Once you are done doing calibration you can use Mission Planner and can compare your new parameter file with the old file. There is feature under Full parameter list to do that. Any differences will be highlighted.

Also calibrate the radios and ESC’s just to be on the safe side.

If you have air speed sensors, re calibrate.

HI Asim
Thanks again for your help! I overlooked the compare option.

Good luck! a pic of what you built :slight_smile:

Its a Tarot ZD850 frame, KDE 3510XF 475Kv motors and 15 inch Zeal props, 22,000mah battery. Gremsy Pixy U Gimbal (nightmare!) Sony RX100 camera.

Peterarnold very nice looking.

I built a hexacopter two years ago and now redesigning it completely after learning few lessons.

In the future you can consider these ESC’s. They can go inside the carbon rods. HobbyWing XRotor 40A. i think you are using Hobbywing ESC’s


How are you liking here2 GNSS GPS? First time I will be using it.

The ‘Beast’ looks a good solid build! I am planning a similar build but with some big props and low KV motors so I can improve the endurance and I already have some of those ESC’s in my bits box.
I’m ‘over’ trying jam everything into an ‘off the self’ frame so looking at designing a frame and getting a friend to cut it out with his CNC router. I need a battery quick swop system so still looking at that.
Where did you get those circular LEDs that were beneath the motors as they look great?
The Here I have is version 1 so a bit old.

Looks pretty good.
Tarot might be disappointed with you calling it a “Tarot ZD850” though :slight_smile: since I think the ZD850 is one of those chinese made frame kits available from many shops within AliExpress and BangGood.
Some of them tend to call anything multirotor-related a “Tarot”.
It is definitely possible to do good builds with some of those non-Tarot frame kits though, as you’ve shown us.


I will post the pic of new design later today. Its a monster as I have extended the arms, and much bigger props.

as far as battery swap, if my lazy design engineer can finish my design I will bring to the market. Its a very unique battery swap solution… :slight_smile: there are none available in the market at this point that you can buy off the shelf.

for motors there is no one like T-Motor. Burn the money but buy T-Motors…you will never regret!

This is the pic of the new drone frame. 3ft, from motor to motor and will be using bigger props.

It will still have 25KG payload capacity.

That’s a monster! What motors are you using and how are you mounting all the electronics?
Thanks for the LED link and I will order a bunch of those.
Concerning battery mounts I have one of these which hopefully I can adapt to my Hex

Its a big bird. May be I can give my backyard Gopher a fun ride one day :slight_smile:

I am using the same motors I had before inside the beast. T-Motor Anti Gravity MN4006 - 380KV. Each motor using dual 6S battery, using 15x5 prop, gives you 1258 Grams of Thrust at 60% throttle. so, 1258 x 6 = 7,548 grams of thrust without a problem which equals 7.5 KG overall lift capacity at @60% thrust. Later on I am going to put little bigger motors.

At 100% Throttle its 2609 x 6 = 15,654 grams = 16.6 Kg !!! :slight_smile:

The mount you are showing is a just a carbon plate but not a bad design at all. I may buy one. You have to buy each piece individually???

I am designing a hot swapable battery compartment that can hold two batteries. You simply slide in the batteries and that’s it. has battery connectors etc.

The power system is based on Mauh Electronics dual battery system;

As far as Electronics and sensors, I have three tiers. One for power, one for sensors and one for Flight controller, GPS, ADS-B, Video (DJI Occusync), RFD9000X long range telemetry…

Hot battery swop looks a good system. The battery sliding system can be bought individually.
Looking forward to seeing the finished machine.
What HDMI to AV converter do you use?

HDMI…Another pain point in the industry… here is my take on it.

  1. The long range proven system is for sure DJI Occusync. Picture perfect quality but it doesn’t support MAVLink. So i am talking with Ardu team developers and I may fund it to get it done for all of us.

  2. Then you got all other VTX out there. All the same, shitty video quality after short distance. For short haul, 100’s of choices.

  3. We are actually developing a HDMI system ourselves. I was partnering with a guy in Europe but he screwed up, so back to basically design board again.

Right now our primary focus is bring a unique Goggle design to the market. Hopefully a game changer.

What about HereLink? I was looking at buying one but couldn’t find any manual or information on how it works or configure it.

I have personally not used HereLink yet.

" Herelink is an all-in-one solution for long- range HD video transmission, which can realize video, data transmission and radio control. The 2.4GHz radio controller with built-in screen which allows users to get long range HD video, data and control information, and the transmission range is up to 20km."

My reasoning is different. I like FPV style video. So DJI Goggles is a better fit for me.

  1. I can record onboard as well inside the Goggles.
  2. I can use the Goggles while flying.
  3. I can connect an HDMI cable to a Monitor.

The only draw back is no full telemetry support yet. There is way around using an Arduino board to get more telemetry data inside the Goggle.

I think it will come down to personal choice.

Price wise I think both DJi Goggle plus Tx comes out to be the same. DJI might be a bit higher price.

This is a good review, but no talk of latency. so its questionable.

When it comes high def video transmission, latency is the biggest b#$# to solve.

Does the handheld unit provide an HDMI out so I can view the image inside a Goggle?

I’m sure I could be wrong on this but I thought I also had to replace battery`voltage specifics i.e. March sensor and divider when I chan

ged to new cube recently… also cool build, I use same motors on x8 I built 14 months ago

I believe herelink requires ham radio license
In the states without coa you need line of site so max 1 mile range except in rare conditions

Besides I’m just getting comfortable with taranis rfd 900 and my insights video feed :blush:

mbuilds Yes, you need minimum tech ham radio license after X miles out in the US, else its considered illegal. Also Tx wattage has to be under x watts. For non line of sight flying need Part 104 license.