Traditional Heli setup on AP2

I want to use a PX4 for my helicopter and I would like to use the AP2 GCS.

I am not able to find the interface to setup the swashplate. Maybe I need to use the full parameter list ?
Do I need to use Mission planner ?
Also when I upload the firmware, is clicking in the specific icon make a difference in the firmware I upload to PX4. I mean there are different pictogram showing the same description.



We actually just started in on a Heli project as well with the Pixhawk and APM Planner 2 and were wondering where the swash setup was as well. We’ve got a H1 single-servo swash, but all I see mentioned in the documentation are references to CCPM swashplate setup.

What we just did this morning was to configure on a PC using Mission Planner 1 and then move to Planner 2 for everything else.

I also do it that way. =(