Traditinal helicopter firmware update

Using Pixhawk what is the latest validated firmware version for this controller board ?
I’m sorry for this ask but I don’t understand the project status ? Like version, bug trace proposals etc
Please someone could guide me where found this type of information ?

Thanks in advance

+1. I like to know as well… :slight_smile:
27 OCT 2016

3.3.3 ?
3.4 rc-6 ?


3.3.3 relatively stable

Yes but EKF2 seems to have great improvments (In 3.4)…

Yes! I am looking forward to the perfect 3.4 version of the helicopter firmware, Ekf2, terrain following, ground compensation, GOV support, FBL system support

Hello, thanks for the updates :slight_smile:
Just a question to understand when a release is judged as stable, unfortuately I cannot partecipate at testing phases, I fly my helicopter not so frequently, so, there is anybody that drives the testing ?
Who collects bugs and results about the fixes ?

@zhangsir why to write about FBL support, FBL means FlyBar Less, this capability is already available, may be my understanding

@henrik04 EKF2, kindly could you forward me to a discussione where EKF2 is described from the target to the funcionality ?

Tanks to all

3.2 to 3.3 version of the transition process, each rc version of the firmware, I have personally tested on their own T-Rex 500, which also occurred several crashes. But later the 3.3.3 version of the firmware, in fact, on the whole is very good!

FBL system support, refers to the Pixhawk with other three-axis aileron gyroscope to work without support, although the current 3.4rc version of the firmware to support, but the three-axis aileron-free system support is not comprehensive, such as can run in SK540 / 720 collocation, and can not be used in the Vbar, MB system, because these aileron system does not have the channel forward and reverse exchange function, and the current Pixhawk 3.4rc version of the firmware does not support the output channel positive and negative To the set, resulting in Pixhawk pitch channel and the Vbar’s pitch channel is reversed, and this by modifying the input channel forward and reverse, modify the remote control forward and reverse can not be solved!

Thanks, I understood :slight_smile: