Tradheli 4.2 Beta testing coming soon

Tradheli users,
I am excited to announce that the 4.2 beta testing is right around the corner. And it includes Tradheli Autotune!!! Other features in 4.2 include an updated rotor speed Governor which is more robust to changes in desired rotor speed and ambient conditions. Lastly I have changed the collective setup slightly to make the collective setup easier to set the minimum landing collective and zero thrust collective. I brought back minimum landing collective because it is clear that zero thrust collective was not low enough to protect from inflight shutdown.

I look forward to having the beta testers try out these new features. I will post more about the features and direct you to the wiki pages that support them.


this is great!
when we have to expect it? (roughly)

Sound Interesting.
might try it out.

The Dev team is expecting the stable release of 4.2 around April 2022.

@bnsgeyer Hi Bill, I am happy to read this. Thank you for your work!