Tracker never stops scanning

Hi everyone,

I’m working with my students to build an antenna tracker based on a PixHawk attached to an EagleEyes Antenna Tracker frame.

We’ve got everything assembled and running and can even see the multicoper’s information in Mission Planner. We can also see that the location of the vehicle and of the antenna tracker are both showing correctly on the map.

We can command it just fine in Manual mode. However, when we put the antenna tracker into “Auto” mode, it begins to scan from side-to-side and never stops.

We’re looking for any suggestions about what we might have missed.

Update: We’ve got it working for azimuth as per the website instructions (it tracks the air vehicle now), but elevation is not responding. After some discussion on the DIYDrones discussion boards we believe the problem to be the way barometric information is being passed into the antenna tracker. It’s not getting the right data and so not making the correct angle calculation. Consequently, the initialization value of 0 degrees elevation is never updated to the correct angle.

We don’t have a fix yet.

Update: We used Mission Planner to roll the firmware back to 0.4 and now it works. The PID values need a bit of tuning, but otherwise it’s pointing right at the vehicle.

Hi, I am having a similar problem but am unable to find firmware version 0.4. Could you link its location?