Tower estimated Flight Time for SV2450GPS

Is there a science or even a rule of thumb to adjust Tower’s estimated Flight Time to the SV2450GPS? I’m noticing actual FTs often exceed Tower’s estimate by approximately 2x or more, even on longer missions when GPS/Sat, compass all seem good and conditions are calm. I typically don’t add Take Off or Land when editing Tower missions which accounts for some of the discrepancy. It has been helpful to experiment with Speed settings in Editor to see how that affects est FT.

Should this be a general Tower topic?


I adjusted my mission speed down in the settings in tower down to 8 or 9 mph , I think for this exact same reason . SV isn’t exactly a speedster , especially once the Motors get worn some . It helped

The SV flies at the speed assigned per WP or Change Speed, though, right? Seems like it from watching missions in flight.

That’s a good question I don’t think I’ve ever changed speed for way points. I’ll have to give that a try next time . I assumed that it just flew at whatever the horizontal speed is set to in the Aruducopter flight parameters 500 or 600 cm/ sec I think . I upped the Reurnl to launch speed to 800 though and it definitely comes back quick