Totally Stumped. Cannot Calibrate Radio Control


When I try to calibrate the radio control for my Pixhawk Rover in APM Planner I get the error message “Radio control is not active or turned on.” It is showing all zero on the radio calibration page. The transmitter and receiver are telling me that they are bound, I have triple checked all my connections but no luck. I have refreshed the parameters in the configuration page. I have erased and reloaded the firmware to the Pixhawk. At this point, don’t even know what to do next.

I am using a Flysky i6 transmitter, a FS ia6b receiver, pixhawk, APM planner 2.0. I’ve attached an imgur link with pictures of my setup. Please any help will be greatly appreciated.


In case, have you switched on the PPM output in the transmitter.

Forgot to reply, but this was the answer. Silly mistake. Thanks for the help!