Tools/environment_install/ -y for SITL

ı installed version 20.3.4. however it give warring and error(you are using 20.3) again. and ı didn’t understand this error.


The error you get is because you are using python2 distribution. using python3 will solve the issue.

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Okay. I tried to install python3 however ubuntu see python2. i will try install python3 again

If I remember well, you have to point to ubuntu which python version to use.

okay, ı will try this. thank you.

Ubuntu prior 20.04 is setting python2 as default and ArduPilot always use the default python.
Starting from 20.04, python3 is the default.

The issue there is that dronecan fail to install with python2. Therefore it exits ArduPilot install script and the computer is not configured correctly for ArduPilot stuff. That is why Halit got issues.

Patch have been send to dronecan, but we are considering about discarding python2 support soon as that become to much time to maintain and normally we shouldn’t use python2 distro anymore.

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Okay. Well, how can i change python2 to python3 as default.