Too much RED text

I just read this post, and with the disclaimer at the top, it feels there is a lot of red text here. I’m all for asking people to add more infromation to post, but lets leave out the bold and the red. seems a bit aggressive.

With the disclaimer. Can the text ‘Disclaimer’ be red and the rest just black text. again seems to much like shouting

Writing administrative stuff in red is a habit of mine to separate “official stuff” from personal opinion. I have yet to put it to my signature. It comes from the German forums I am moderating. In Germany, the operator/owner of a forum can generally be held liable for posts of moderators because the users perceive moderators like employees of a company. Due to that, many forums do it so that volunteer moderators which have no direct connection to the operator write administrative stuff in another color, usually red or green, and the signature contains a note that colored text is written in their official capacity while normal text reflects solely their personal opinion for which the operator cannot be held liable.

Lets try darker green for moderator speak?

As for the disclaimer, i still think that needs to be toned down as well. I don’t think there a legal requiremnt for it to be in red?

Sure, can do.
As for the disclaimer, I could darken the red a bit to make it less obtrusive, but given recent events (crashes into crowds) and the fact that this forum is the official 3DR support forum as well as a community-assisted support forum, I think, the disclaimer should be rather prominent and eye catching.