Toilet Bowling heavy hexacopter

I am experience toilet bowling with my drone and I am loss for the reason, I did all the calibrations and did adjustments to the motors setup and pid initial controller setup for a 47 inches prop size.

the logs seem flightless. - no real altitude.
EKF3 does not have any heading source, all your magnetometers are disabled, and I see no NMEA source. How do you expect it to know the heading?

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This has been pointed out in the last log he posted being set for GPS for yaw. Also the fact an older beta version is being run.

The reason for the version is because I want to make sure everything is working, i fear upgrading could bring new variables if I don’t solve the current problems.

About the heading, you say it’s not working? Strange i configured everything, maybe there some parameters I need to check in ucenter to make sure everything is ok. In mission planner its saying it’s rtk fixed and its not complaining about the heading.

About the flight less, i should have explained better, twi times almost flew off the ground, but tilted and/or rotated and the third time it took off but with also problems.

-Don’t be afraid to use the current release.
-Listen to experienced people that try to help you like @dkemxr
-Read the release notes for every version between what you run, and the one you install.
-Before takeoff, check PFD indicated heading with map/landmark/compass, deviance between the onboard heading and reality will cause toilet bowl on takeoff in a navigation controlled mode.
-Toilet bowling is the natural result of incorrect yaw data, what you see is the UAV correcting its position in the wrong direction, based on incorrect yaw data. you need to solve that.

The old beta version has bugs. You are having problems because of bugs.
Many bugs in the beta version have now been fixed.

The logic dictates, use a new version with less bugs. But you seam reluctant to do that. You think you are smarter than the developers that actually develop the software…

Ok, sorry for my stubbornness, I came here seeking help so I will shut up and listen to you people. I do want to be disrespectful towards anyone here.