Tilt Settings for Tarot 2D Gimbal + 3DR IRIS

I recently installed the Tarot 2D Gimbal on my 3DR IRIS. Using the included FS-TH9X radio, I would like to use channel 6 to control the tilt of the gimbal. I followed all steps to install the gimbal, which is in good working order.

Currently when the dial assigned to channel 6 is turned all the way counter-clockwise, the gimbal stays still. Then as the knob is turned clockwise the gimbal tilts down at an increasing speed until it is fully tilted down. But no control input causes it to tilt up.

What configuration settings in the radio do I need to set in order to fix this problem?

Here is the manual I’m referencing for the radio: ftp://ftp.tt-rc.de/TT-Copter/Manuals/FS-TH9X_MANUAL.pdf

Sounds to me like your gimbal is set to stick rate mode rather than stick position mode.

Here’s a video that’s shows the basics of hooking up your gimbal to your computer to update the firmware and settings:
(uses a different quadcopter but has the same gimbal):

Once you are connected to your computer through the BMGC software just change the ‘default mode’ in the lower right hand corner from ‘stick rate mode’ to ‘stick position mode’. Pretty sure that should solve your issue.

Also interested in how to use Ch6 to tilt up and down, instead of just tilt down. Currently troubleshooting this too.

So is 3DR not sending the Tarot gimbal out updated and ready to operate like their documentation asserts it will?

Confirmed my Tarot gimbal from 3DR as part of the Iris leg/gimbal kit is running v1.3 firmware and was not set to “stick position mode”

Changed Default Mode to “stick position” and now the CH6 knob at its lowest (most counter clockwise) position faces the camera straight forward, and at its highest position (most clockwise) the camera points downward and back.

Mine gimbal came working out of the box, but was on V1.3 firmware and not V1.4 as the manual states is “required”.

For tilt up and down angles play around with the servo and angle limits. See the attached picture for some sample setting(picture from gervais dev edition review post on rc groups) s14.directupload.net/images/140302/wwtji8zz.jpg