Tilt-rotor quadplane tricopter

How does arduplane consider “Assisted fixed-wing flight” in a quadplane tricopter?

I don´t understand somethings questions:

First question
"Q_ASSIST_SPEED = 0 >>>> because tilted Motors cant help prevent stalling"

If we set Q_ASSIST_SPEED = 10, and we fly in plane mode bellow 10 m/s, the tilt motors will not balance and motor rear help to prevent stall?

Then how can we prevent stall in one quadplane tricopter? Only with ARSPD_FBW_MIN or CRUISE_SPEED?

Does not arduplane contemplate it with the tilt motors balance option and motor rear help in one quadplane tricopter?

Another question:
if we use air sensor then this parameter (FBWA_MIN = 9) does not activate anything, we will have to setup ARSPD_FBW_MIN.
Is it like that?

Ask question:
Why does arduplane talk about FBWA (and not FBWB) on a quadplane when we use an air sensor?