Tilt rotor planes configuration

I am looking at tilt rotor plane confguration in the plane docs. Ok with Q_FRAME_CLASS as 7 tricopter. But what is the Q_FRAME_TYPE for the 2 front motors vectoring up together (not independently) and a rear motor vectoring left and right with a servo as in a tricopter for yaw

Q_FRAME_TYPE and CLASS for both versions are the same. But you must change Q_TILT_TYPE from 2 (Vectored yaw) to 0 (Rearmotor tilting to the side like a tricopter)

Regards Rolf


One other question for a 3 motor tilt rotor, in the Docs it states - For example, if you have a tilt-tricopter where the front two motors tilt, then you should set Q_TILT_MASK to 3, which is 2+1.
Is this the correct mask value for the tilt of the rear motor for yaw in addition to the two front motors.?


Hi I’m building my own VTOL but tilt servo configuration doesn’t work. I refer to the ardupilot guide in the section"…/Tilt rotor Setup Tips/Mechanical Setup". I do everything is written but when I set mode in manual nothing happens. Same if I change mode to QSTABILIZE (they should moved straight forward and back vertical). Have you done this setup? Hope someone will give me some advice. Thanks! (I’ve created a post but nobody reads it so I’ve to find some help in your post, so sorry)