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Tilt Motor Quadplane Testing

(David Ardis) #1

Over he last few months months I have been building a quadplane - Tilt Motor version. I have done a successful flight in Qstabalize mode (, Has anyone advice on the best testing method for transition into forward flight.

While testing on the bench I cant get the motors to tilt forward. If i switch to manual should the motors not tilt forward by default as its basically a plane at this point.


David Ardis

(Pompe Cukor) #2

Go high, so that you have time to recover in-case anything goes wrong.
Also when doing your first test flight, it is recommend using QHOVER and FBWA only, and setting Q_TILT_RATE_DN and Q_TILT_RATE_UP quite low (say 20 to 30 degrees/second).
That was advice given to me by Tridge.

I was also under the impression, that switching to manual from VTOL mode would perform a immediate tilt forward and not wait for target air speed, as FBWA would. This both for emergency recovery (in-case transition fails and you want to save the plane with a dive in fixed-wing mode), but also how else you would you test forward tilt, apart from manually using servo tester.

Anyway there is a new section for VTOL now, I recommend you post there or ask a mod to move it. Also tilt is special, so might as well mention it in the title, not just quads. Quads are fine in arduplane, but from what I am seeing, tilt is till not too popular and needs experimenting.

(David Ardis) #3

A short video of the Motors Tilting on my quadplane showing the mechanism and motor mounts

Tilting Motors

(Pompe Cukor) #4

I am waiting for you to do transition :slight_smile:
Go go go. hahaha

(Rolf) #5

Don’t forget to set ARSPD_FBW_MIN value little bit above stallspeed and adjust Q_TILT_MAX angle so that the aircraft can safely reach ARSPD_MIN_VALUE.

Good Luck

(David Ardis) #6


Thanks for the tip don’t know min stall speed yet. Going to get a good bit of height hit the switch and see that happens. If I am not happy can always put it in manual and belly land. All going to be interesting

(Pompe Cukor) #7

Yes yes :slight_smile:

When? :wink:

(David Ardis) #8


If you set ARSPD_FBW_MIN to for example 10m/s and Q_TILT_MAX to 45 and switch between Q_Stabalize and FBWA on the bench would i be right in thinking the motors should not tilt beyond 45 Degrees

In my case the go the whole way from 0 to 90 Degrees.

David Ardis

(Rolf) #9

That’s right on the workbench. In real flight the tiltservo waits at Q_TILT_MAX degrees to reach ARSPD_FBW_MIN m/s.

We use
Q_TILT_RATE_DN|10| <----- important to tilt dn slowly