Tilt at takeoff

So my drone is tilting towards one of its sides during takeoff, needing to be manually corrected to be able to go upwards. The calibrations were done as per instructed in the ardupilot documents and tutorials. Unfornately there is no log of these incidents to be shared as of now.

The surface from where the hexacopter is supposed to lift off from is the ground level of a field with grass. From my naked eye, it seems to be almost leveled

My questions are:

1.Can I configure the drone to compensate this so it can takeoff vertically?

2.Is there a way to know for certain that my drone is correctly balanced in terms of weight?

3.What is causing this?

  1. ArduCopter already does compensate automatically. So the question to you is: how did you configured your RC and/or copter so that it does not do it? Logs will help diagnosing it.

  2. yes, attach a string to the place you think is the CG and lift it up by that string. If it is correctly attached at the CG, the copter will be leveled.

  3. good question. Without Fotos, Logs and more details, no way to know.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

I am sorry that I am unable to provide logs,but what are the common causes of a tilt that should be not happening, other than bad RC configuration?

There are many. The only way to exclude them all is to follow the instructions on the wiki.

another thing, when looking in the forum for similar cases, I found someone telling that you shouldn’t be timid with the throttle, that as soon as it’s armed and started spinning , you should put the throttle as high as possible, that each second on the ground armed makes the PID behave even morre erratic and stupid, is this correct?

Yes, that is correct.