Throttle pulsing-spiking in auto throttle mode

Hi !

I’m struggling with my plane. It is a pusher configuration quadplane. It flies quite well after an autotune. But I’m having throttle pulsing/spiking in cruise mode.
For some reason demanded airspeed is spiking which cause quite high spikes in throttle. There is a small variation in rcIN3 (2-3ms) but it does not correlate with the spikes.
Any ideas ?
Log :!AmcHEcCG2JqsjIsRJsm0DgOo71WEzQ?e=T1hfNP

Are you running an airspeed sensor?
Could it be picking up a disturbed flow at some AoA or particular airspeed?
Just a thought.

Nope, airspeed sensor input looks good, no spikes.

Any ideas ?..

Not that I can see anything specific to your observation, and plane logs are not my strongest suite .

The Desired v Actual shows a lot of variation so I am not surprised motor pulsing or frame wobbling would be visibly evident.

Maybe more tuning might help.

I went through the code and the only possible cause that I can imagine is the THROTTLE_NUDGE. It seems there is no deadzone for nudge.
I’ll do a test flight and will see.

I had to turn it off