Throttle lost result in crash

Hello. Yesterday i flew a plane equipped with matek wing f765 with gps module and without airspeed sensor. With betaflight I have installed arduplane stable version 4.0.6. Then after some time making settings everything was ok. I flew the plane for a while and everything was working fine. I made a 3 position switch to change into manual , cruise ans RTL mode. After two hard landings i flew the plane for third last time. While in the air i switch to RTL and from what i see from the OSD screen video that was recorded, the throttle control went to about 50% , the Amp draw to about 40A , then suddenly the Amp drawing from the motor went to 0. The throttle went to about 100% but no Amp draw. After that i switched to manual mode and started to move the stick for throttle but it was indicating throttle percent but the Amps were 0. The motor wasn’t working. After the crash which by luck was ok, when i got the plane after 5-10 min , when i tried to move the stick, the motor started working again like nothing happened.
This configuration i have used many times without any problems ( without the flight controller), the only difference is that the esc now is in a different locating with very little airflow. Its rated 60A and the motor is drawing 43 A max.
Also the 2 flights before this were in steady weather without wind, and the cruise and RTL modes were ok. The third and fatal flight, there was heavy wind which made me use the motor more. Is it a flight controller problem or the only thing that I think it could be is a problem with the esc.
Here is a link for video from the OSD video. You can see in the right down corner, the percentages are for throttle input and above is the current amp drawing. At about 17 sec of the video i switch to RTL, the amps go to about 43 and then drop and then no matter what thrust input I or the RTL mode is giving, the motor wont start.

it is unlikely to be an autopilot issue, the most likely cause is the ESC shutting down due to overcurrent or over temperature