Throttle level influencing elevator deflection in FBWA

Dear all,

I’m running ArduPlane V3.0.4-beta3.

My problem is perfectly summarized by a post I found through google on a different page, which can be found at … /issues/56

Basically, when in FBWA mode, the elevator deflection changes based on how high the throttle level is. I expect this not to happen. This seems to be some kind of direct relation between the two, but I cannot find a parameter corresponding to this. The KFF_THROTTLE2PITCH is set to zero. I found something about a parameter called STAB_PITCH_DOWN which seemed to be exactly what I need to tweak, but unfortunately this was not implemented until ArduPlane 3.10 so I cannot use that parameter yet.

As was also worded in the other topic I found, it seems to be a feature, not a bug, and it being a feature should mean I should hopefully be able to alter its behaviour.

Anyone know where in the code I can find the portion relating to this apparent relation between throttle and elevator deflection? Thanks a lot in advance.

One quick thought - have your compared the RCin values from your TX? Some transmitters have unintended mixes or interference between channels and the first thing I would rule out is that the TX.