Throttle Failsafe test #1 failing (loss of TX) … e_Failsafe

Test #1 is failing for me. I have the copter plugged in via USB only. No battery.
I connected with MP and went to the FS menu like it says. My throttle shows 1095 at rest.
I turn off my Transmitter and my throttle doesn’t change. It stays at 1095. I expected it to go to 0.

What does this mean? Is there a problem, or just a bug in MP?


There is no bug.

It shows the last throttle value. After 2 seconds the failsafe will kick in.

Is there a way for me to see this inside MP? It just kept showing the same value, I saw nothing go to 0 or no indicator an FS had kicked in inside MP anywhere… ??

Ideally without arming the motors and having them spin up, etc?