Throttle failsafe on?


I’m using fc Matek H743-Wing with ArduPlane V4.1.0beta4 (3de5ca6e). My plane is a Binary (foamy) from Sonic Modell. I’m using a TBS Crossfire receiver.

I’m continuing my tests (mission with automatic takeoff/landing) and it’s usually going pretty well. Today I have made several consecutive auto flight missions successfully, each time with a beautiful automatic landing. I did not change the mission nor parameters at all. I just repeated the same mission several times to see if the plane would do the same thing again and again. Unfortunately, during my last automatic flight, my plane crashed during final approach.

I had a look at the log file and it sounds that a failsafe occurred. However, I do not understand why it could occur since I have made this mission several times and this mission is flying the plane very close to me. Also, I saw in the log several consecutive messages such as:

ahrs: dcm active
ahrs: ekf3 active

So, I’m wondering if a real failsafe really occurred or if it could be something else since I’m using a beta version of Ardupilot. Since Ardupilot is still new to me, I’m wondering if somebody would be kind enough to have a look at the log file and tell me more about if a real failsafe occured and about ahrs: dcm active / ahrs: ekf3 active messages.

Here is the bin log file url:

Thank you in advance for any help about this. In the meantime, I will fix my plane :frowning:

Guylain Plante