Throttle Failsafe Hexacopter


My Throttle Failsafe event is RTL, but what happens if in this moment there is no connection with GPS (This is of course a small chance) Will it automatically change to LAND?

What are the risks of using multicopter without gps locked and should i use GPS failsafe(if yes which function?)

'd like to hear your experiences and recommendations :smiley:

I’m sorry for unprofessional question.

Yes, the copter will LAND, even if you have the GPS failsafe set to ALT_HOLD.

I don’t recommend taking off without GPS lock. The copter will acquire a home position while it is in the air and will RTL to that point. It will even land the copter at that point if RTL_ALT is set to 0. This is something I am working on for 3.3. Pre-arm checks will prevent you from arming if you don’t have a GPS lock, and there will be an “indoor mode” that will ignore these checks but will not set home and will not go into any mode but stabilize, acro, alt_hold, sport, and loiter if you have optical flow (we will have px4flow properly integrated by then).

In fact, I currently use a pre-arm check to ensure that the EKF has started before I take off. This requires 10 seconds of a decent GPS lock. That pre-arm check is not in any public code, but I can definitely share if you want to build the code yourself.