Throttle delay when arming

Hi, i have a frsky qx7 with a x8r receiver. When I arm the drone for test (without the props) there is a 0.5 ~1 sec delay on the throttle. But when I go into ‘compass /motor calibration’ everything is fine. Does someone have an idea?(I am scared of flying the first time with such delay, maybe it is normal just for the take off?)
Thank you

Does this delay persist after arming the vehicle or just when you arm it? Some delay is OK when you arm it, but there shouldn’t be a delay after the arm.

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Well I didn’t took off yet so I don’t know if it is just for the take off or it will continue after it but I don’t know if it is normal

It doesn’t matter it didn’t take off. After arm, when you change throttle level, the vehicle should give an immediate response. Remove propellers when you try it.

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This is the problem after arm there is a delay and it is not responsive but strangely in the compass motor calibration everything is fine

Do you have an onboard log (*.bin)?

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Sry for my late reply. Where Can I see my on-board log?

It is stored in SD card attached on your flight controller.

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OK I will send it to yoi when I get home

Mustafa are you sure that the pixhawk records data even when the drone didn’t took off?