Throttle cut off when switch to RTL mode, FBWB

Hi everyone I have a problem my Fixwing airplane when i switch RTL mode then throttle is cut off rotor is not spinning. Help me to figure out with this please

You where done those testing in ground itself ( no aircraft movement).when in the air it will fine

Were you on air when testing this?

Have the same problem. Orange Cube and 4.1.1. On Cube black all worked fine, previously I’ve used RTL to check full throttle. (I’m not using RC, so i have to know that in RTL in flight it won’t swotch the motor OFF). Has someone solved this problem or, perhaps, developers can comment that on the ground it should switch the motor off and everything is ok.

If you’re testing on the ground, at the home location RTL will not turn on the motor. Try takeoff mode.

i test on ground to check everything ready

yeah, i’m using Orange Cube and testing on the ground in RTL mode then the motor off

@kalai1219 i’m afraid when fly in the air when switch to RTL mode then motor off my aircraft is going to fall down

@ Allister Could you give me suggestion the way to test RTL when on the ground?

Does your GPS work? Does your telemetry show a home location and a location for the plane? Is your plane tuned and can your plane fly in FBWA/B?

If you can answer yes to each of those questions then, RTL will work.

You can test all the GPS function on the ground. If you are unsure about the tune, you need to check that in flight.

@ Allister actually every things work but seem like every mode that using automatic throttle is switched then motor off

On the ground? I’ll repeat what’s been said here a few times already: Yes, the motor will turn off on the ground.

Takeoff mode and Auto mode (with a take off command) are the exceptions. Otherwise the motor will turn off so you don’t get hurt.

@Allister Thank you for your suggestion and i’ll try in the air

I should add another caution when testing this on the ground: If you get a GPS glitch or position error while in FBWB or RTL (and the motor is armed) the motor may start. Problem is, there’s no way to predict this so it can be dangerous.

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