Three motors spin faster than the other during throttle take off

I am trying to demo for my supervisor this week and I need Help. I custom built an X frame Quadcopter with an APM 2.8 flight controller DJI E800 motors with compatible DJI ESCs, anytime I tried to throttle only three motors spin fast enough to take off and the other one spins very slowly , when I move yaw and pitch stick while trying to throttle with the transmitter the motor opposite to the direction of yaw and pitch begins to spin slow respectively. I tried motor test with mission planner and all motors spin perfectly. When I increase throttle and test motors with propellers attached in mission planner it lift off.
Pls I need directions on how to solve this, I have changed ESCs and done all troubleshooting I could think of.

The motor test in Mission Planner is only valid for testing motor order and spin direction WITH THE PROPS OFF.

If the motors are spinning properly during motor testing, the next step is to put the props on, take the aircraft outside, and arm the motors using the radio transmitter.

If the motors spin, add just a touch of throttle. You don’t want to lift off just yet, to take it easy. With the motors spinning, push the left stick (aileron) SLOWLY to the LEFT. The RIGHT side of the aircraft should start to lift (Right motors speed up, Left motors slow down). If the LEFT side lifts, STOP. Disarm the motors. Go in to the model setup on the radio and REVERSE Aileron. Arm the motors, add a touch of throttle and test aileron again.

Now do the same thing with Elevator… Arm the motors and slowly push the Right stick forward (away from you). The REAR of the aircraft should start to lift(Rear motors speed up, Front motors slow down). If the front lifts, STOP. Disarm the motors, go into the model setup and REVERSE Elevator. Arm the motors and test Elevator again.

If you are still having trouble, post a video and copies of the data flash logs.

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