Now that we are moving ahead with this forum, can we please add threading to the discussions?

see viewtopic.php?f=6&t=232 for the last time i raised this issue.



Please explain what you mean with threading. If you mean those grey lines and indentation like on Ning, that’s not possible in phpBB. The normal concept of internet forums like phpBB is that in one thread only one topic is discussed. For off-topic discussions/topic changes, a new thread should be opened. Watching this and splitting threads if necessary is among the main tasks of a forum moderator.
When answering to a post that is not immediately above your post, users are supposed to use the quote-function.

A agree about splitting threads when off topic.

Ok I see your point. And if it stops the mega AC release thread antics, I’m all for it :wink:

That is one of the things I’m working on - a concept to improve the forum structure. Among other things, I think, we should have subforums for every official software release and we (admins and mods) should guide the users to open a new thread for every topic in the appropriate subforum. That way, it’s much easier to find information. The important thing is to start the structuring now, as long as the forums are not yet well frequented because otherwise, we’re gonna have a mountain of work, moving topics to the appropriate subforums.

I’m with Stefan on his changes, I would also like to have distributor sub forums where folks can seek help directly from their particular point of sale.