This is a question about the equipment you use for a precise landing

Hi everyone.
I made a new quadcopter this time.
This has been flying many times, but I want to make the landing a bit more precise.

For example, make a target on the floor (beacon is okay)

My quadcopter is finely landing near the target.

I’ve tried using Pixymon, but it doesn’t work according to the manual.

Are there any other good sensors or equipment?

It would be better if a sensor like that connected to i2c or other port and works with simple parameter modification.

Thank you.

Did you look at this wiki page?

of course.
I have already seen this site.
Still, it could not be resolved, so I wrote this page to get your help.

I am using lidar sensor and pixymon.

Should lidar also have to write parameters?

The firmware is using 4.0.5.

Please give us more details about your setup and what you are trying to do.

Thanks for the answer Gokce.

First of all, what I want to do is I want my Quad to land more precisely.
This is currently GPS, and the error range is about 1m when RTL or Land.
This is a very big difference!
I just want to land more precisely through Pixymon (Ir-Lock).

And I’m curious about what I do first.

In summary, the reason I want to do this is simply for my curiosity and for a more precise landing.

My firmware is 4.0.5 Quad

I am attaching my Param here.

Equipment is equipped with Lidar equipment and Pixymon.

This is connected to the Pixhawk2’s I2c port splinter.
(Eventually, both are connected to I2c.)

I touched all the parameters from the video and guide.a1.param (17.9 KB)

What lidar module are you using?
Parameters look fine but for a detailed look, log file (on-board *.bin file) that is recorded during test flight is needed.

This answer is late…
Binary Log is currently on another laptop.

I saw px and py related to Plnd

It doesn’t show any movement and it’s straight at zero

Good morning
I checked my Lidar equipment.

It says Lidar-Lite.

IR is the first version of Pixymon.

Pixymon or beacon’s firmware was all installed from the Document site.