The same moment GCS-alt = 52m in tlog, but Baro-alt = 79m in log? Why?

@MagicRuB Thanks for your advice! We have tried 3.8beta, there is a problem that my plane didnt use rangefinder during landing process, and we have not resolved now.

we have not resolved now

… so it’s unresolved? What’s the problem?

Here I have posted the log.
I have checked all parameters related to rangefinder, but have not resolved it.

@FireFly we’re concerned about the rangefinder issue you’ve brought up. Would you mind creating a new discuss issue so we can track it there instead of cluttering this issue? Meanwhile, we’re pretty confident this altitude problem is fixed in v3.8

@MagicRuB Thank you so much for your answer. I will create a new discuss right now.