The return of BLheli seems abnormal

I have configured blheli’s return to pixhawk, and can use blhelisuite 32 to access ESC through pixhawk, and parallel the return cables of multiple ESC to UART2 RX interface of pixhawk. Configuration: serial2_ PROTOCOL=16;

However, through MP observation, it seems that pixhawk does not correctly identify the returned information,

Sec1-4rpm displays are close, even if I change the state of one of them by external force,

It’s strange, and the ESC seems to be constantly reporting errors,

My aircraft has encountered a serious resonance problem. I plan to use RPM filtering to solve the problem, but according to the wiki configuration, it doesn’t seem to work properly

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Its pretty important that the uart you use for telemetry is using DMA - which uart are you using?

Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I have tested cuav pixhack V2 and V5 nano and hex pixhawk2 black squares, which do not support bidirectional telemetry and cannot access ESC via pix via blhelis 32;

Fortunately, I tested a cheap F4 by, which can use two-way telemetry, but it only has uart1-4, which can’t be used, 1 is a radio station, 3 is GPS, and only UART2 can be used,

I plan to test other models later

Are you using bi-dir dshot or RPM telemetry? i.e. are you hoping the telemetry will come down the ESC wire or are you using a separate wire for telem?

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