The RC input was not accepted in Pos_Hold

Dear all,

I had a disappointing experience today.

We used our multicopter, using CubeBlack with Copter-4.0.3.
We ran Auto mode with our Waypoint data which does not include takeoff and land comannd.
Auto mode finished successfully and we were trying to land our multicopter in Pos_Hold mode.

It was working fine at first, but halfway through, it stopped accepting RC input.
The aircraft drifted while maintaining its altitude and crashed into the wall.

I checked the Flash log and the telemetry log.

  1. Flight mode was Pos_Hold
  2. RC operation was not accepted after 11:18:35.
  3. There was nothing wrong with sensors and GPS.
  4. RCInput was recorded.

I feel like Pos_Hold has changed into Guided_NoGPS.
According to the log, the mode is not switched, though.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to do this?

Thank you.

2021-10-22 11-10-44.bin