The plane turn to one side as soon as touch down with nose wheel setting ground streering

Hi all ,can anyone know why the plane always go to one side as soon as touch down in FWBA MODE.
The servo7 of the F765 WING was set for ground steering .it’s very helpfull to taxi straight for take off .but when landing,it alwas go to one side as soon as touch down,so I have to change back to manual mode for correction the dirrection quickly.I don’t use compass because there is always compass inconsisten message that stop arming,I think it can be use for take off ,the video show that it go very straight without compass.

And I found some strange things,the plane nose wheel will turn left and right if i shake(bank left and right side ) the plane in FBWA mode,but I have set the mix to inable.I guess that would be the problem that lead to turn to one side when touch down.

I don’t know if I don’t understand enough or if the system itself is flawed
firmware 4.1.2.

flight log

thanks for reporting this. I’ve reproduced the issue in the simulator and I’m working on a fix.

I have fixed the issue here:

I’ve put a build for the MatekF765-Wing with the fix here:
If you could test and provide a log that would be great!