The parameters of the engine's internal RSC governor need to be readjusted when working at different altitudes

Firmware version is 4.1.5.

My unmanned helicopter is powered by a fuel engine. The engine’s speed is controlled by the internal governor. Before, I was flying in the same place, cruise control was good. Recently, I changed my flight to a different place, with an altitude change of 3,000 meters. I found that the parameters of the internal governor had to be readjusted to work properly. The parameters previously set are no longer applicable. I guess it’s due to the change in air density.

Is there a good way to solve this problem? Thus can be unmanned helicopter in different altitude can be better flight. I see that later firmware versions may have a parameter named “H_RSC_GOV_COMP”, can this parameter solve this problem?

Hope to get your help. Thanks!

Yes, upgrade to 4.2 when it becomes stable. It has a new governor that can compensate for variations in density

That’s great. The upgraded firmware is particularly good. Your work means a lot to us. Thanks!

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