The multi-rotor aircraft is out of control

Hello guys, I’m in great need of help right now, and that’s a head-scratching question

Firmware: ardu Copt V4.2.1

Mission Planner: 1.3.77


Here’s the thing, the inner day flew the plane ready to land in mode that was the slotter the moment I landed on the ground, and the throttle closed to the end the propeller was still turning so much that the plane flipped over, and that’s why below is the log

Uploading: 2022-06-30 21-14-09.bin…

That link doesn’t do anything.

try again

I don’t know why it flipped on landing but I see you are flying on default parameters and have not done the pre-flight Initial Parameter Setup found in Mission Planners Mandatory Hardware section.

I haven’t completed the specific mandatory hardware parts? I set them up according to the documentation. Thank you

What are the details

Initial Parameters Setup screen as I said. Read what I posted and follow the guide in Mission Planner.
Read this and page to the bottom