The motors vibrate but do not rotate

hi I am using sunnysky motor and readytosky 40A esc for my quadcopter. Previously, we had flight tests and engine rotation tests, and the engines were spinning successfully, but now all 4 engines are just vibrating when the command comes, and no rotation occurs. Do you think my problem may be caused by where I would appreciate it if you could help.

Post the parameter file.

What’s your MOT_SPIN_ARM and MOT_SPIN_MIN? Do you notice any difference if you increase MOT_SPIN_ARM? Obviously do this with props off!

MissionPlanner motor test - use this for testing.
Find the lowest percentage where your motors will start reliably and set that as MOT_SPIN_ARM
Add about 0.03 to that and set it as MOT_SPIN_MIN
Example: MOT_SPIN_ARM = 0.10 so MOT_SPIN_MIN = 0.13

Usually when a motor stutters and wont start there is a broken motor wire (1 of the 3 wires)
But if all are doing it, there could be a problem with a common power connection.
Bullet connectors can always be a source of problems.

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