The drone always tumble to the same side during takeoff, what can I do?

We have a drone we set up for a competition, but we are having trouble taking off. The drone design belongs to us. When we tried to fly the drone for the first time, when the gas exceeded 50%, the drone flipped towards the 4th engine and turned over before it could take off. At first we thought it was related to the engine and propeller aspects, but we checked it many times, it’s true. We looked through the logs to solve this problem, but couldn’t find a solution. We thought that the problem would be solved by changing the motor and escs we used, but this time, before he could get up, the 2nd motor started to somersault on its side. I leave the logs and links of our engines from our last tests below. These logs do not belong to the trials we did somersaults, they are the logs where we power up and record the values ​​when the propeller is not attached. Please review the logs and help us with the source of the problem.

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74 1.01.1980 02-00-00.bin (666.7 KB)
75 1.01.1980 02-00-00.bin (452 KB)

This is typically due to the motor order or prop direction being wrong. Use Mission planners Motor Test function and it runs in this order when the A-D buttons are pressed if correct.


As I mentioned above, we checked the motor and prop directions before each attempt, as in the document you posted. Just to fit the A-D order in the order 1-4, we did it as posted photo by me. We’re pretty sure it’s not a directional issue. We examined the logs and tried to understand where the problem was, but we realized that we did not have enough knowledge for this. We want you to help us find the problem here by examining the logs. Anyway, thank you very much for your answer

That’s wrong. Re-assign the Servo outputs or re-connect the outputs until it matches what I posted. Are you using a 4in 1 ESC? If so which one.


Makebsure your board orientation is also correct

We don’t use 4in1 esc. We use this:Racerstar RS30A Lite 30A Blheli_S BB1 2-4S Fırçasız ESC Desteği Dshot150 Dshot3 İndirim - Banggood Türkiye

We will try change A-D order. But I think here is something else. Thank you much for your answer.

There was no directional sign on the power distribution board we used, so we placed the pixhawka connection in a way that we could easily do. This is our power distribution board:

You using a pixhawk flight controller?

The orientation of your flight controller matters…power distribution board could be mounted anywhere in any orientation.

For the FRAME_TYPE and FRAME_CLASS you have configured it has to be A-D and the direction as shown. Here is the Wiki entry: Motor Order

It’s almost always this problem from what you have posted. The PDB orientation doesn’t matter and neither does the Flight Controller orientation assuming you have set the AHRS_ORIENTATION parameter correctly if it’s not mounted standard.

Yes, we use pixhawk4 and we check our flight controller direction. Thank you much for answer.

Owww, okey I understood. We will try it recently. I will imform you. I hope this solve our problem. Thank you so much. :smile: :smile: