The copter vibrates

Hello, I’m building a small copter, but I can’t solve the vibration of the copter.
What are some common approaches to reducing copter vibration? Also, is there anything else I should do?

Current behavior

the copter vibrate in flight.
video of the copter in flight | google drive

Copter configuration

Firmware: Copter-4.0.7
Flight Controller: Matek H743 Mini
Battery: 4s 520mAh Li-Po

What I did


  1. Use 4.1 bdshot target
  2. Configure ESC telemetry harmonic notch per motor
  3. Autotune
  1. did you use this?

in particular: Mission Planner Helper

You absolutely have to mount the FC with M3 rubber standoff.
Your google drive does not allow access

When you fix the Google drive access requirement (get rid of it) include a .bin flight log.

Thank you

I’ll try to use Mission Planner Helper.
And the rubber standoff are already in use.

This is the flight log and video.
I’ve updated the permissions.

You didn’t update the firmware as suggested or configure the Dynamic Notch Filter.

MOT_PWM_TYPE was set to 0 (Normal).
I changed it to 6 (DShot600) and vibration was suppressed considerably.

There is still a bit of vibration, so I will adjust the notch filter and using autotune to improve it.