The connection between TF-mini and Matek F765-WSE

I have a Matek F765-wse flight controller, and I’m running it with copter4.3 version that I configured through Mission Planner. I want to connect a TF-Mini sensor to the flight controller. I followed the instructions on “Benewake TFmini / TFmini Plus lidar — Copter documentation”, which are as follows:


SERIAL1_BAUD = 115 (115200 baud)

RNGFND1_TYPE = 20 (Benewake-Serial)

RNGFND1_MIN_CM = 30 for TFmini, =10 for TFminiPlus

RNGFND1_MAX_CM = 1000 for indoor use OR 600 for outdoors. This is the distance in centimeters that the rangefinder can reliably read.

RNGFND1_GNDCLEAR = 10 or more accurately the distance in centimetres from the range finder to the ground when the vehicle is landed. This value depends on how you have mounted the rangefinder.

However, I’m unable to get lidar readings through Mission Planner. Can you help me to get lidar data from the sensor?

Not sure if this is your problem but the Serial/UART order is often missed.
For the Matek F765-wse:
UART Order