The ArduPilot description on the Skyviper Journey's box

reading from:

Sky Viper Auto-Pilot drones now run on the Ardupilot flight platform, a renowned navigation software collectively developed by engineers and computer scientists (it missed “and random GitHub ninjas”) worldwide. It’s the gold standard among enthusiasts and is even used by multinational aerospace corporations for testing and development. It is the most proven auto-pilot software available. ArduPilot helps Sky Viper to deliver the best flying experience in its class.

Of course they have some typos too.

Under “Fly Away Prevention”
“Have you ever lost of a drone?” @Matt_Morton might want to see about getting that fixed before the production run :wink:

By the way, I’m slightly disappointed with the 720p @ 30FPS still. I thought by looking at the H-62 code commits that it was going to get a better camera, or at least a higher frame rate. Maybe the connection to the “new” skyviper app (supporting waypoint navigation) will be more reliable. I did find that video streaming to Solex and Tower is much less laggy than the Skyviper app…so there’s that. Might not be a problem with the drone and camera itself