TFMini on Pixhawk 4 mini with works on PX4 but not Arducopter 4.0

New install of Arducopter 4.0.1 stable on a Pixhawk 3 mini. I have a TFMini connected via UART and a PX4 flow connected via i2c.

If I install PX4, then both the TFMini and PX4Flow both operate correctly. However, we are needing to run Arducopter. Running the current stable version, I am able to get the Optical Flow working but not the lidar.

Based on the documents, it appears that the Pixhawk 4 mini UART port is “serial4”. However, I don’t see any data.


Ok, looks like PX4 is serial4 and Arducopter is serial2.

Next question. I have completed the configuration of the range finder. When the copter is sitting on ground (tfmini is 17cm above surface), “rangefinder1” shows “36”. As I slowly raise the copter, that value decreases until it gets to 30, then begins increasing again until the maximum height. Is this expected behavior?

And now to throw in one more problem… If I move the copter off of my desk and place it on the floor (carpet), it registers 68cm (which should also only be 17cm).

This is a common problem for the TFMINI, there is a firmware update that reduce the error. Check on Benewake site for download and flashing procedure

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