Testing RF Immunity - Crash Log - What fails?


We decided to use a 3DR solo (as a sacrificial lamb) to test it’s immunity against high powered RF (think 100s of Killowatts FM Radio). The little solo did well, but eventually had enough and decided to come home the quick route.

I’m no expert in analysing logs, but can see when it decided to start falling. I’m trying to figure out what actually fails that causes the fall! This will be some useful info.

Log attached.
2017-06-14 13-59-30 CRASH.bin (3.4 MB)

PS: The solo fell a long way to the ground hitting some trees and landing in a soft bush, ONLY broke the props. Installed new set and was flying again … very lucky.

The ESC on channel 4 died.

Of course, they’ll do that on Solo at random anyway, but I wonder if you were managing to provoke the ground-lift somehow.

Thanks Peter

Appreciate your thoughts. What do you mean the Solo ESC will die at random anyway? So might not have been RF related at all?

Before it fell on a previous flight, it would yaw by itself quicky for about 0.5 sec when it got close to RF. Would this be ESC related too?

Funny (lucky) thing is I put new props on and was flying again. So the ESC died temporarily?


I think he refers to the loss of PWM due to the control signal that is only 3,3v Green cube or any other mean of making PWM 5v would fix that risk.


What do you mean with Green Cube?