Testing failsafe without props?


I would like my quad to land slowly where ever it is in a case of transmitter signal loss. How can I test/imitate this behavior at home without props?

Actually you can’t.

You can verify that the flight controller will go into loss of RC fail safe and from that you can infer the aircraft landed, but but to prove it the aircraft must be in the air.

Said that, for RTL to work the FC must also have a GPS lock.

I took the armed copter in my hands (with props removed) and while moving it around turned the transmitter off. The motors continued to rotate until I placed the copter on the ground. It was a good sign that failsafe landing works (and is not just dropping the copter from the sky). And it indeed worked once I tested it with props outside.

It’s important to set up failsafes and test them, a lot of people don’t bother for some unknown reason.
What could possibly go wrong with flying knives??

Another way to test in flight is to set up a switch on the transmitter to drop the Throttle PWM to below normal levels to simulate RC loss (assuming you can set you receiver for no output) . As with everything, test on the ground first - Arm without lifting off, flip that switch and motors should just stop and you get the usual failsafe indicators.
Then you can flip that switch in flight and it should initiate RTL - be prepared to un-flip that switch and take control.