Testing Before I Commit to Fly

Hi All,

I have a quick query I’m sure someone must have seen before, but I can’t seem to track an answer down.

I’m doing as much ground testing as possible and I noticed something.

I have a standard aileron,rudder,elevator platform. In manual mode, I move the elevator stick back and the elevator trailing edge goes up (all correct there). If I switch to Stabilize or FBWA and move the stick back the elevator still goes up; still OK. …But if I grasp the airframe and pitch the nose up, the GS attitude indicator shows the correct picture, but the elevator goes up (!!!) to “correct”. The roll axis seems OK; if I lower the right wing, the right aileron goes down. So I am perplexed.

I have tried various firmware versions, but they seem the same (currently on 3.0.1)

Has anyone seen this before, it seem pointless launching just yet and I can’t seem to find the setting I need to change.

Thanks for your help

Mike R

Reverse pitch in Mission Planner - Radio Calibration. (There’s a checkbox next to the pitch indicator bar.)
You might need to reverse elevator in your TX after that.