Test Etlas Mobile offline

Hello Guys,


Does anyone would like to test Eltas mobile offline? if so, please let us know your convenience area because next month we are going to US and German, we are opening to discuss any function you might like to add or any of your own style you would like to design and welcome all the comments.

Here agian i would like to place the features so that you can check.

1. High Integration
Etlas mobile covers functions of real-time control, route planning, image display and payload control. With two frames in on screen, users can capture all information in one glance. It combines functions of remote, computer, image transmission, antenna and monitor, sparing the effort of matching different devices.

2. Image and Data Transmission in One
Atlas mobile integrates high resolution image link, data control station and remote control link for bidirectional transmission. It supports SBUS, HDMI and other connectors, allowing for real-time bidirectional data transmission. Image-data integrated transmission spares the problem of frequency interference and incompatibility and simplifies the works of system installation as well as debugging.

  1. Touch Control to Switch Frames
    Users can simply touch the screen to switch between the ground station frame and UAV frame according to monitoring priority.

  2. Highly Bright Screen

The brightness of Etlas Mobile screen can reach 1200 nit, which makes it still clearly readable under the greatest sunlight exposure.

  1. IP 52 Ingress Protection

Etlas mobile is of IP52 Ingress Protection. Wrapped by silicone cell and sealed with 3M glue,

Etlas mobile is of IP52 level, resistant to dust and water. Even completely buried into dust, it can still function perfectly.

  1. Five-finger Touch Control
    Etlas mobile is equipped with ultra-sensitive screen that allows for five-finger touch control and avoids interference caused by accident touch. It is therefore able to work under complex environment with great stability and reliability.

7. 5-km Control Distance

Etlas mobile is equipped with a new generation of image transmission that could conduct real-time control from 5 km away, which is applicable to long-distance operation.

8. 5-Hour Battery Life

Equipped with high-performance battery system, Etlas mobile can last working for 5 hours to satisfy long-time outdoor operation.

9. Adaptable to Extreme Temperature Environment

Etlas Mobile can satisfy the need for extreme temperature environment operation, with its adaptable temperature range from -20℃ to 55℃.

10. Compact and Lightweight

Etlas mobile measures only 320×142×54 mm and weighs only 1.2 kg, which makes it quite portable and convenient for emergent outdoor flying operations.

  1. Strong Compatibility for Extensive Applications

Etlas mobile has multiple data connector ports which are adaptable with multi-rotor drones, fixed-wing drones, robots, industrial controller and monitoring gimbal, etc.

12. Super Processing Power

Etlas mobile adopts high-performance six-core with Android 7.1 operating system. It features super strong processing power and high system stability to ensure long-time stable ground station work.