Test bldc motor

Hi all, I have a project to create quadcopter control model in simulink. First of all, i use arduino to get data IMU and motor, then applied to simulink ( without using mission planner, because lecturer order it). I am using apm 2.5 and firmware arducopter 3.0 to work it.

First, i can read IMU data and now i am work to acces bldc motor but i can’t. I am trying to direct connect esc to port output apm and then connect my lippo batery (3S) to connector xt60 quadcopter. when i’ve done upload a example (AP_test_motor) then i read serial, motor’s aren’t spin. I look tutorial in any source, they are using input device to test it. In this case, i not connect port input apm to rc, because my teacher forbid it. What is lacking or wrong so motor didn’t spin?

thx for answer and suggestion…