"Terrain" in AUTO MODE

Is it necessary to put terrain data in the SD card when using “Terrain” in AUTO MODE?

If the GCS has an Internet connection, it will automatically download terrain to ArduPilot (via the telemetry link). It will only download terrain for the area that ArduPilot is currently flying over.

If your GCS does not have an Internet connection, you will need to copy it to the SD card before the flight.

Doesn’t it download automatically if you don’t connect telemetry?

I’m not sure what you mean. Download from where?

In my case, the terrain data is not downloaded even if I am connected to the Internet.

Which GCS software are you using?

I’m using Mission Planner

What flight controller are you using? Some flight controllers may not have enough RAM to support terrain downloading: https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-limited-firmware.html#ram-limitations

I’m using Pixhaek 2.4.8. The capacity of the SD card is 4G.

Can you:

In Japan, which of the following lists is applicable?