i am using arducopter 4.0.4 rc 3 with TF 03 180 m down facing lidar for terrain following in auto mode.

i have made my mission with 50 m altitude using terrain and proceed for flying .since i am flying in the cricket ground there is no physical shape for terrain following test so i made waypoint over tree at 50 m altitude.

when my quad goes over the tree the attitude behave is not smooth as flying in normal terrain its look like very unstable .
could anyone guide me how to smooth this control in terrain following and what are all the parameter i have to adjust.

and i have noticed one more thing after completing my mission it hovered at last waypoint in waypoint altitude what i was given.then i mode changed to loiter then its start descending on same position.then i manually triggered RTL mode . its normal behavior in loiter mode.


2020-08-04 13-06-05.log.param (18.4 KB)

kindly anyone llok at the log and help me on this.