Terrain Data without SD Card

I had a question that I couldn’t quite figure out from the Terrain Following documentation for Arducopter (Terrain Following (in Auto, Guided, etc) — Copter documentation).

I am basically wondering if an SD card is required in order to support Terrain Following using SRTM terrain data. Specifically in the case where the GCS is dynamically uploading terrain to the vehicle in response to the TERRAIN_REQUEST message.

In my case, we are not pre-uploading terrain data to the vehicle before flight. We are using a GCS that supports TERRAIN_DATA and TERRAIN_REQUEST messages. So, the autopilot will send a TERRAIN_REQUEST message when it needs terrain data and the GCS will dynamically send the TERRAIN_DATA for the appropriate area. My question is: Does this sequence require that the vehicle have an SD card?

Hopefully this provided enough detail. Please let me know if you need more information