Terrain data for 4.0.7

Hi all,

I wanted to try out the terrain following mode on a drone with cube orange and 4.0.7 fw version and when i wanted to use the web utility to download the needed tiles, i saw that it says its compatible with versions 4.1+. Would i still be able to use these tiles if i save them to the correct folder for this version or would i need to update to the required version no matter what i do.

I also saw that it says that when using terrain following, the drone is either using the downward facing LIDAR/Sonar or the terrain data, but does that mean that if, for some reason the rangefinder cant be used at the given moment (component failure, flying above the rangefinder range), it will automatically switch to the terrain data which is onboard the FC or would it just show an error message and stop the terrain following.

Thanks in advance

If you run a standard build of ArduCopter, I think there is no reason to not update to Version 4.2.X.

From what I understand, WPNAV_RFND_USE parameter will define which source of information to follow. I am not aware if there is any kind of automatic transition between these two operational scenarios.

The terrain tile format changed slightly in 4.1 - they won’t work in previous versions. Older version of Ardupilot will see the tiles as “corrupt” and won’t use them.

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